CONTACT/BOUT Erez Avissar is a restless creator who moves from one medium to the next, connecting the dots between photography, video, sound, music, experiences.
Born in Washington DC and raised in Maryland to Moroccan Jewish parents he excelled in the arts from an early age, playing piano, guitar, drawing, writing, and teaching himself web coding at age 15, garnering millions of visitors within the first 2 years with his popular music websites. 
He went to college on Long Island at Hofstra and then FIT in Manhattan for graphic and communication design, getting an internship at The Fader during his last semester as a designer-turned-photographer. Once out of college, he transferred to Pitchfork in 2009/2010 where he became long-running freelance photog. He quit his day job to travel and focus on his own work 24/7. 
Around this time, he moved to Brooklyn. With so many photos and nowhere to put a lot of them, he launched his blog/brand, WEIRD MAGIC in 2010 while living at Market Hotel where he met many of his future collaborators.
He has become a fixture of the NY scene and beyond, shooting photos, spreading sound, resident of venues like Bossa Nova and 285 Kent (rip), throwing parties with often unexpected surprise guests, designing album covers, exhibiting photos, djing and performing live, doing video, playing, shooting, and being involved with music festivals, and organizing events locally and internationally.
He launched record label Purple Trax in 2015 with compilation, Volume 1.
He released his first 2 LPs on vinyl in 2016, Sasha Jan Rezzie – All My Dreams (with Jan Woo and Sasha Desree) on 1080p and Wabi Sabi – Pt. 1 (with Terekke and Jan) on Purple Trax. Since then he has performed in US, Tulum, Berlin, Scotland and more.
Now Based primarily out of Brooklyn/Mexico City/London he travels around the world capturing, sharing, and celebrating life and music.  
get in touch: hirezolution[at] twitter + instagram + soundcloud. more recent updates can be found at the blog, weird magic (/facebook). — select accolades/press: featured: metal magazine Hunger TV (London): “A Weird Kind of Magic, Erez Avissar’s Candid Cultural Icons” Popaganda (Greece): “erez avissar: most sought-after photographer in u.s.a.” pitchfork year in photos 2015 hennessy x the fader: selected photographer complex magazine top 50 music photographers nominated: best promoter nyc / paper nightlife awards pitchfork year in photos 2013 pitchfork year in photos 2012 pitchfork year in photos 2011 select clients and publications: boiler room/ray-ban, domino records, live nation, high times, mtv, npr, new york times, new yorker, new york magazine, pitchfork, resident advisor, spin, sony, the wire, the fader, timeout, village voice, vice + noisey/thump, xlr8r, wall street journal,